Friday, January 29, 2010

Really? I look like Rachel McAdams AND A MAN!?!?!?

So basically I started getting jealous because of facebook's "Doppleganger Week." I mean c'mon suddenly everybody thought they were Tom Cruise and Julia Roberts! I wanna be almost famous (or mistaken for someone famous) too! After all this week has become bigger than the "Post the color of your bra week"....probably because boys can participate this time as well. Anyways I am not jealous anymore. The evidence of which can be seen below :)

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Sunday, January 24, 2010


Two posts in the same month! It's a New Year's Miracle! (a la Verizon commercial 2005). The real line is, "It's a Mother's Day miracle!" This became an Anderson family favorite and is still quoted 5 years later. The commercial starts out with a mom in bed and the dad comes in holding a box. She opens it and pulls out a new phone, and then with a somewhat confused expression pulls out a second phone to which the dad exclaims, "Two phones! It's a Mother's Day miracle....I'll take this one!" The announcer then explains some two for one deal they have going on. The next shot opens up with the whole family having breakfast in bed and you hear a picture alert go off. The mom looks at her phone and the dad says, "I sent you a picture of the syrup." He and his son exchange high fives and the world's best commercial ends. The above paragraph has absolutely NOTHING to do with my next post, but will explain a little bit about my family :P

So this month has brought about a few changes in our house, mostly having to do with church callings. Ryan and I had been serving on the activities committee in our ward, but Ryan was recently called to be our Ward Clerk. The bishop informed him that this was one of the few callings in the church where he could get excommunicated and also go to prison. Such a comforting thought, no? Anyways since he is at church doing tithing settlement I am at home alone. Hence, the blog post.

I also received a new calling today. I am now the Primary President to a whopping amount of four children. That's right four whole kids. One Sunbeam and three nursery kids. Although this is more than four times the amount of a regular BYU ward (at least the singles wards....hopefully) it still creates a bit of a challenge since we lack the number of children found in a typical primary. Which leads me to a question. Anybody have good ideas for games or activities (gospel or otherwise related) that can keep four toddlers busy and content for two hours? Okay, okay I guess even 5 minute games would work too. Hopefully I'll write more again soon. I'm sure at least I'll end up with some good stories now that I get to work with the little ones again :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Tis the Season

So maybe I'll average a post every six months? That's about how often I've written Jen on her mission too so maybe I should step it up in both aspects :P I meant to write this post at Christmas because it was really on my mind, but better late than never right?!
Christmas to me has always been about gratitude, even though apparently Thanksgiving has the corner on a grateful heart. I've always seen Thanksgiving as Christmas prep though. I think we need Thanksgiving before Christmas so we can truly get into the spirit of giving rather than only thinking of receiving. This year I am truly thankful for all of my family, but most especially for my sister Brittny.
Brittny is the epitome of charity. She has always been the one to reach out to those who are less fortunate, disliked, or in my mind just plain obnoxious and she has a gift for taking them under her wing and merely listening. This is NOT my specialty as I would rather fix the problem than listen, but she truly empathizes with others and desires to help in any way she can.
Brittny was a true blessing to us this Christmas. Since I still haven't been able to find a job our budget was truly tight, and Brittny set to work putting together our stockings (in all fairness my parents funded this endeavor so I'm grateful for them too!), buying us presents, sewing bags for all of the presents, helping make trifle, volunteering to feed us many many times, letting us do our laundry at her house, etc.
The best part about this was I never once heard how it was burdensome for her, but rather how excited she was to help us out and "play Christmas" with us. I love the attitude my sister has towards true Christlike service and I hope to be able to pass that around more freely during the rest of the year.