Monday, March 21, 2011


That's right ladies and gentlemen....I quit my job! It was just too much to handle right now. So far everyone I've told that to has responded with, "I'm so proud of you!" Apparently I've been trying too hard recently....people will be impressed if I just give up :)

I'm currently in the process of submitting a 100 source bibliography for one of my graduate classes and 2 weeks ago I only had about 20 of them done. I still have three more days (yikes!) but thankfully I'm hovering around 80. Still a lot to do, but given the time frame I've had to do it, I'm rather impressed. Especially since I've been juggling a baby and 16 other credits in the meantime. Speaking of that baby....

Skylar had his 6-month checkup last week, so we get to update his height and weight!

6 Month Stats:

Weight: 16 lbs 10 oz (25th percentile)

Height: 25.5 inches (10th percentile)

Head: 45 cm (75th percentile)

His head is finally rounding out and following a growth curve! It is a relief to not be concerned about that anymore. We're just happy and healthy and working hard. 4 more weeks until graduation!!!