Sunday, September 30, 2012

Yearly Update?

Sad but true. I'd like to be better about blogging, and I'm hoping to stop waiting until I have cute pictures to post or an exciting story to tell and just share something. So much has changed since my last updates! Ryan is no longer serving in the singles ward which has been good since it gives us more time to spend as a family and for him to focus on his studies, but honestly we really miss it. We loved getting to know the youth of that ward and all the leaders over there. Thankfully we still get invited to their activities so it hasn't been too much of an adjustment.
We've also moved! We finally are no longer Provo residents. Along with this move came some new additions to the family. No, no buns in the oven for awhile. Sorry grandparents! It will probably still be awhile before you hear an announcement like that from us. Our additions include our own washer and dryer, central heating and air, a covered parking spot, a pool, workout room, extra bathroom, walk-in closet, balcony, and storage unit. We feel like we're living in the height of luxury :) It doesn't take much to please us. We love the location right off of Utah lake and off the freeway which makes for an easier commute for me and right off the bus route for Ryan to get to school.
I'm now working in Human Resources doing payroll and benefits at Bridge Property Management (been there since March)up in Murray. It has been a good job, even if the commute isn't the best. It has made it so Ryan hasn't had to work at all and gets to focus on school and taking care of Skylar. He has 3 more semesters left to finish up his degree in Biology, but we're thinking of having him stay for one semester and a summer term to get a paramedic license.
As for Skylar he has become the busiest little two-year-old ever. He loves to climb and get into every drawer in the house. We love him to pieces which is a good thing because otherwise he might spend the entire day in time out. He loves turning the volume all the way up on the TV, climbing behind the piano, using the kitchen drawers as stairs, jumping off the couch, etc. He spends his days asking for more "nanas" (bananas) "key" (monkey/Curious George) and for Daddy. At his well child visit he weighed 25 lbs and was 35 inches tall putting him in the 30th percentile for weight and 60th percentile for height respectively. For those of you keeping track that is the biggest he has EVER been and made this Mama so proud :) His head of course is still huge and in the 92 percentile. I have no idea how he holds it up...
Well now that you're all caught up hopefully I can focus on updates and shorter posts and pictures and fun things and not be intimidated about blogging....hopefully :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

And The Winner Is....

Leave it to me to have a giveaway and then wait two weeks to announce the winner....sheesh. In my defense, between Christmas, New Years, two vacations, working full-time, my husband's 25th birthday, and a very active 16-month-old I've been swamped!

On my dad's side of the family every Christmas we used to do a cousin gift exchange. My dad was always in charge of organizing it and assigning which cousins would buy for each other. My dad has a degree in accounting, is a man, and prefers to do a minimal amount of planning for these types of things. He doesn't send out laminated magnets on pretty stationary that have your specific gift assignment on it. Instead, my dad would send out an email that would say "The mighty Dell has spoken." That was basically his way of saying, "Well folks, I've put all the cousin's names into an Excel document clicked randomize and made sure nobody bought for a sibling....go bananas!"

I don't have a Dell, so the mighty Compaq has spoken!

And the winner is.....


I'd leave contact information for you to find me and redeem your prize, but I'm fairly confident that you know how to reach me :)

Everyone else, thanks for entering! I'm going to be uploading some really cute headbands, hats, and accessories for babies, kids, and adults in the next week so stay tuned for more updates!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Shameless Self-Promotion

So I recently opened a website to sell some of my crafts. You can view it at . Being that it is Christmastime, and I need help advertising and spreading the word....I'm going to celebrate the grand opening with a FREE GIVEAWAY!

Here's how it will work. I will randomly choose one person to receive $50 worth of merchandise from my site. If you want one entry simply leave a comment below. Those of you who would like to receive 3 additional entries, simply make a post about my website and giveaway on facebook or on your own blog. Make sure to make another comment with a link to your post, otherwise I won't know you did it!

Keep in mind, I can make anything on my site in a different color, size, etc. Let me know if you need a custom order at tayloralockwood (at) gmail (dot) com.Last chance to enter will be December 23 at 11:59 PM.

Ready, set, go!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Rights vs. Complacency

Yes I know, its been six months since I've written anything and most of you would probably rather look at pictures of the baby and hear about our family, but instead I'm stepping on a soap box. The other day at work a conversation was brought up that got me thinking. I didn't quite think the topic was appropriate for the workplace, and I didn't want to start a fight, but I want the opportunity to express my opinion.

Apparently the BYU newspaper, "The Daily Universe," published a letter this past week that had something to do with not allowing same sex partnerships the opportunity to adopt. From what I've gathered, the writer of the letter was rather harsh and somewhat demeaning of those who suffer from same-gender attraction, and the letter has since been taken off of the newspaper's database. Now I have not read this letter, so I don't fully understand the circumstance behind the outrage it produced. However, a few individuals at my work expressed concern that people with opinions like this were spreading a bad name for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. One of my co-workers even said that studies have shown that children don't need to be brought up by a mother and a father, but just need to be loved by whoever raises them. To people with this opinion, I say shame on you.

Some may think that denying same-sex partnerships the right to adopt children is discrimination. To those I would implore to think of the rights of the child. I believe that every child deserves the right to be raised in a loving home with both a father and a mother, not two fathers, not two mothers. I believe that the sanctity of marriage was created by God. As a famous quote puts it, "God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve." I know there are instances where death, abuse, etc. require that children be raised by one parent. I do not condemn this practice, but see it as the exception, not the rule. I also think that if you were to ask those parents raising a child by themselves, they would tell you that it would be much easier if there was a spouse to assist in the child-rearing. In "The Family: A Proclamation to the World," the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve state, "Children are entitled to birth within the bonds of matrimony, and to be reared by a father and a mother who honor marital vows with complete fidelity."

Some may claim that this denies gays and lesbians the opportunity to be parents. This is not so, if they chose to be part of a heterosexual partnership then they could have children, they have just chosen otherwise. If anybody wants to point a finger and say it is someone's fault, then take it up with God because the only biological way to bring a human into the world is with one man and one woman. This causes others to say that God is unloving and uncaring to make someone deal with same-gender attraction. I know that God loves us, but He has placed us all here with things we must overcome and struggle with as we strive to return to Him.

The world tries to tell us that it is something you are born with and cannot change. In my home ward in Thousand Oaks, CA one of our close family friends is a psychologist and clinical psychiatrist. She did a fireside for our stake teaching the psychology of same gender attraction. She taught us that studies have shown that homosexuality is not a genetic trait, but rather a mental propensity. Studies have shown that it is similar to addiction, depression, alcoholism, etc. Some may born with more of a tendency to many of these things, but it is not something that can't be treated.

In the past year the TV show Glee has been pushing the boundaries of how our society thinks of homosexuality. In a recent episode the cast did a number to Lady Gaga's anthem, "Born This Way." Each cast member wore a shirt with a label on it of something they were "born with" and should embrace because they couldn't change it. To me, that is the saddest message they could have proclaimed. The gospel of Jesus Christ teaches us that through His atonement we can overcome all things, not some things, not everything except our hardest trial, but ALL things. I personally have struggled with my weight since I was very young. Some people would say, "Well, Taylor just stop eating the ding-dongs, get off your fat butt and lose some weight." To those, I would say I'm trying. I have an addiction to eating that I struggle with daily to overcome. Some days, I do fine. I eat my vegetables, I go for a jog and I feel good about myself. Other days, I just can't resist the urge to bake a batch of cookies, or eat a bag of potato chips. I do believe that I was born with a propensity towards over-eating and that I have developed an addiction to sugar. However, I do not in any way believe that this has to be the way I live for the rest of my life. I believe that through the help of my Savior and those around me, I can change and be happy.

Now, I do realize that this it not as extreme as homosexuality and I'm not saying that it is. However, with my being overweight I am at a higher risk for heart failure, diabetes, and many other general health problems. If the world and legislature were to treat obesity the way they treat homosexuality we would have to call a BMI of 32 as normal, a 300 lb person healthy, and a candy bar as good for you as a carrot. Passing laws that are contrary to God's laws don't change God's laws. We are taught in the Bible and Book of Mormon that God's laws are eternal and unchanging. He defined marriage as a man and a woman and proclaimed that once that was established then children could come to earth. Trying to go around that plan does not bring happiness, and will never lead to a better society.

I do believe that we should treat the topic of homosexuality with love and compassion, just as we would try to help an alcoholic quit destroying their body and the relationships they have with those around them. I express sympathy and support for anybody who is suffering from same gender attraction, but I think it is sad that they are being told that they can not change and must deal with this for the rest of their life. This is false, you can always change and our Savior will always be there for you to help you down that road. I hope all of us will try harder to change the things we must to keep ourselves in accordance with God's plan and commandments.

Friday, May 13, 2011

More Change

Life is silly sometimes. Just when you start looking forward to things slowing down and having some semblance of normal more changes come your way. Our newest change? Ryan was called to be the second counselor in a single's ward bishopric! We're mostly excited about this calling, because let's face it single's wards are awesome :) Especially when you're already married and don't have to worry about the dating drama....

My dad has always told us that his favorite callings are nursery leader, and single's ward bishopric member. He says they're basically the same job: you play games, bring treats, and separate the boys from the girls every once in awhile :) Some things we're looking forward to?
-Not having to plan FHE every week
-More babysitter opportunities for Skylar
-More Fun! (C'mon were in one of the Belmont know they'll go boating this summer)
-Earlier church

Some things we're not looking forward to? Mostly just leaving our ward. We LOVE our ward, and we're one of the older couples in the ward....we always feel a sense of unity and belonging when we're there and we're going to be sad when we come back in a year and everything is new.

I'm a little bit apprehensive about the new calling, because the wife of the bishopric member who was just released pulled me aside and told me that she has basically been lonely for a year. I understand that. When I was in a single's ward, I didn't do much to reach out to the wives of the bishopric because they were just at a different stage in life than I was. I'm hoping that Skylar helps me to make new friends, and that the Relief Society in my married ward doesn't forget about me!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Skylar Update

Well it has been awhile since I've posted anything about the most popular member of our family :) Have I mentioned how much I LOVE spending my days with this little man?

Sorry that it is least it is a cute face though!

Skylar has changed sooo much in the past few weeks. It has been so fun to see him develop his own little personality and begin to interact with and explore the world around him. He doesn't quite crawl yet, but he is definitely mobile and gets into everything! He can get up on all fours and rock back and forth, but he still prefers army crawling to wherever he needs to go. His favorite location? The diaper rack. He loves to lift himself up and pull down the diapers, wipes, and burp cloths and wave them over his head! I figure there are worse things he could be getting into :)

I sometimes wonder why we bother buying Skylar toys since so far his preference is for coupon mailers that we get in the mail, the trashcan, a plastic hanger, and mommy's shoes.
He loves to pull the trashcan over and climb inside of it. I don't normally let him do this since we throw diapers in there, but I still keep finding him inside of it. Silly child.

We didn't have a check-up since his six-month appointment, but at that appointment he hadn't gained any weight and had started to level out on the growth chart. This was a problem because he was already pretty low to begin with. We went in about two weeks ago and he had gained weight again, so we're not too worried about that anymore. He now weighs 17 lbs and 6 oz, and is just under the 25th percentile.

We also have a new little baby in the family! My sister Brittny gave birth to a little boy named Daniel Curtis Hansen. It has been soo fun to have a newborn around again, but it has also been eye-opening to me to realize just how far Skylar has come! Until about three weeks ago I had thought that I just had this cute tiny little snuggler, but now with Daniel around I'm starting to realize just how much Skylar has grown and learned in the past 8 months. We are so pleased with his progress.

September 1, 2010

April 2011

We just love this little boy, our Skylar Smiler, Sky-Sky, SkyRy, Crabby Patty, Wiggles and Giggles. We love watching him wave his plastic hanger around like a sword, roll the entire length of our apartment to get his basketball, and get super excited when he hears Daddy open the front door after coming home from work. He definitely keeps us on our toes, and keeps things exciting :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Well, even though sometimes it seemed like it would never come, I finally graduated! I think when I started at BYU I just figured that getting a bachelor's degree was something everyone did. My parents always talked about attending college like it was a given, not like we couldn't choose to do something else if that was what we wanted, but that it was just the next step after high school. After my five years of an undergrad, I understand more why people consider a college degree a big accomplishment! I'm kinda embarrassed that it took me five years to finish, but I think if you take into consideration that in that time I also had mono, got married, had a baby, had a C-section, and had to take care of a NICU premie, I think I'm still doing okay :)

Skylar was mesmerized by Mom's tassle and funny hat :)

My parents and my brothers came into town the week of my graduation, which thankfully was also their Spring Break. During that week we ended up packing in about every big life event you could imagine! My sister had her second son, Daniel, the Friday before and had his baby blessing on Easter Sunday. My brother Jayson also recently received a mission call to the Colorado, Denver South mission, so the Saturday after my graduation he received his endowments in the Jordan River temple. Needless to say, it was a week of Andersons! We loved having all our family here, but it has also been nice to get back to our regular schedule. Skylar loved being adored by everyone, but it definitely wreaked havoc on his sleeping patterns. Let's face it, why would you want to sleep when there are so many people who want to play with you?!

Couldn't have done it without all their love, encouragement, and support.

After such a hectic week, we're having a hard time getting back to normal life. I'm somewhat driving myself crazy not having assignments and projects to complete every day. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE being finished with my undergrad, but I got used to the daily grind of school. It probably won't be long before I go back for my master's :) I do love being home with Skylar though and not having to drop him off at the babysitter's. We were so blessed this past semester that two of my friends were willing to watch Skylar T/H on campus during my classes, and that our neighbors took care of him on MWF. They have the cutest little girl who is two months older than Skylar, and they have become fast friends. I almost feel bad that Skylar hasn't gone to play with her for the past two weeks, I think he misses her.

Aren't they super adorable together?!

We'd definitely approve if they decided to date in the future :P That's life for us right now! We're just helping Dad finish up and get his degree. Ryan has been working full-time and going to school full-time since we were married, and I'm ready for him to be able to slow down a little bit. I'm looking for a job so he can focus on school, but either way just having one of us done is a bit of a stress-relief as it is!
Now we just have to get pictures of these two in a cap and gown!