Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Results Are In!

And it's a boy! Kinda lame that our poll ended up being 50/50 with no clear favorite, but I guess the odds are 50/50 too so I can understand that. But we're having a boy! We went to the doctor's on Friday and everything is checking out good. They couldn't see any signs of spina bifida, down's syndrome, cleft palates, etc. It has been kinda funny to tell people that it is a boy and watch them try to comfort me because he isn't a girl. I just keep telling them that we were just wanting to have a healthy baby, and we wanted it to be either a boy or a girl rather than a combination of the two. So we're just happy!

I will admit though that it was a little disappointing to find out that we weren't getting our girl yet. I've really known from day one that the little stinker is a boy, and have slipped up more than once and referred to him as a he, but that didn't mean that I still hoped I was wrong. All my family was pretty sure it was a girl, so that got my hopes up, but boys are just as exciting. I've been having soooo much fun with my nephew Sam lately, and seeing how he is excited and always wants to see our pictures of the baby has helped me just be happy. Not only because I'm making a little friend for Sam, but hopefully because we get a son who is just as playful as Sam. The only sad part was walking through the baby aisle at Target and seeing all the adorable little girl dresses and ribbons. I'm hoping one day to be able to make blessing dresses, and baptism dresses out of the lace from my wedding I better get a girl, otherwise our boys will be quite traumatized!

Today's sacrament meeting was absolutely perfect for us though. We had a high council speaker come and speak to us about patience, and related it to his and his wife's experience in trying to start a family. He told us about how ever since he first received the priesthood as a deacon, he has had the desire to ordain his son to the priesthood. He and his wife were married when they were young and for about six years tried and tried to have kids. Eventually they decided to adopt and were blessed to be able to through LDS family services. They were able to adopt two girls and figured that would be the end of their family. However about four years later they were shocked to find out that she was pregnant and gave birth to a boy. Sadly, about seventeen months later they were speaking at their son's funeral, and the speaker still hadn't had the chance to ordain his son. At this point they were nearing their forties and figured that all hope was gone at raising a son. Another shock came 4 years after, when they found out that she was pregnant again, and was carrying another boy. His son was there with him today and is 6-years-old and truly a miracle.

This man's story touched me so much, and made me realize that even though I'm not getting the daughter I had hoped for, I'm receiving a son and with that son comes the duty and obligation to raise him righteously and teach him to value and honor his priesthood. My family teases me because in my patriarchal blessing it talks about my sons and how they will serve missions and be very influential in bringing many to the knowledge of the gospel. My mom always tells me that I'm going to have nine boys and no girls (although she would not wish that upon me). Since my blessing doesn't talk about my daughters I think every time I get pregnant I will be holding out hope for a girl so I know that I will at least get one.

However, as I was just sitting thinking the other day about the little boy that is currently kicking my bladder, I was reminded of my blessing. I received a strong witness that he is one of the sons my blessing talks about and that he will be a powerful missionary. I don't doubt it in the least since one of the things that Ryan is naturally blessed with is the ability to teach the gospel and understand it. I feel so blessed to be given the opportunity to raise a righteous priesthood holder, and that I have someone by my side who can show that example to his son. I'm also just plain happy for Ryan because he is over the moon that he gets his little boy. I'm sure that is every man's dream is to have a boy first, but all Ryan can see is Yankee's uniforms and camp-outs. So for his sake, I'm more than pleased that we're having a boy!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Sleepless in South Provo

Our current pillow to bed ratio: 5:1

Occupant to bed ratio: 2:1

Logical pillow to occupant ratio: 2.5:1

Actual pillow to occupant ratio: 4:1 and 1:1

If you haven't guessed it yet, I am the 4:1 and Ryan gets the 1:1. The poor man :( He ends up with 1/3 of the bed while I build myself a nest with three large pillows and a body pillow (which is really more like two pillows).

Who knew that pregnancy would equal the need for more sleep, but yet also completely worthless uncomfortable sleep?! Answer: all mothers and any other pregnant women. Ugh, I feel absolutely worthless lying in bed. I can't lay on my stomach because I feel like I'm sleeping on top of a softball, and I mentally picture myself squishing my baby. My side is the most comfortable, but my back always feels supremely arched if I'm not supporting it with a pillow.

My solution? You guessed it, millions of pillows all around my body squished into every crack so I can't move. Ryan has to pack me in at night before I go to sleep :) Of course I never wake up in my nice little nest. Somehow by three in the morning all the pillows have migrated to the bottom of the bed, and Ryan mysteriously has one in between his legs.

*sigh* These 20 weeks are going to be very long, and I am guessing it is going to get worse before it gets better. Suggestions?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Things I've Learned From Being Pregnant

Now that I've passed most of the ickyness of the first trimester, I figure it is time to share my vast stores of knowledge concerning the topic. In fact I am such an expert that I will include remedies that I'm positive will work for EVERYONE. Okay, not really. Especially since men will see no need for my tips.

1. Pregnancy brain is a true disorder. Simple things such as putting together a coherent sentence will be seen as a monumental task. Ryan has had to stop me many a time from doing stupid things like putting the eggs in the freezer, or the groceries in the dishwasher. Unfortunately, he was unable to keep me from putting liquid dish soap into the dishwasher rather than our liquid dish detergent. At least my nephew enjoyed the spoils of that mistake (let's face it, what little kid doesn't like bubbles?!).

2. Even if you weren't a crier before, suddenly the stupidest things will make you start to tear up. Things like watching Cash Cab, and having the contestants win $2,000. ("It's just so beautiful!" *sob* "I'm sure they really needed that money!" *sniffle*)

3. Before you eat something, think about how it will taste coming back up. Trust me, this will save you from many hard learned lessons in the future. I will save you from one of them. Nachos are the WORST thing ever to have to vomit. They're chunky, they cut you on the way back up, and they taste HORRIBLE! The best thing to throw up? Chocolate ice cream. I fully endorse a breakfast of chocolate ice cream if you are pretty certain that it won't stay down for long.

4. Sleeping for 12 hours = completely normal. Still feeling tired after that 12 hours = still completely normal. Sleeping for 12 hours, staying up for 4, and then napping for another 3 = still just as normal.

5. People will say stupid things to you, ignore them. They probably didn't think about what they said, and probably meant it in the nicest way possible. Example: "Hey you finally look like you're pregnant and not just chubby!"

That's about it for now, I'm sure I'll add to the list as I get further along. Everybody should vote on our poll though since we find out in less than two weeks if we're having a boy or a girl!

Just as an update: We avoided being in the middle of a shooting at the local Smith's last night. I always thought it was a little sketchy, and now might switch to shopping at Macey's. The downside, we were late to return our movie to the Redbox. Best dollar ever spent? I think so.