Monday, June 28, 2010

Double Digits!

We're down to the double digits! How did that happen? Less than 100 days until my due date. I'm not naive enough to say less than 100 days until my baby gets here :) I think due dates are somewhat cruel, because we start counting down to something that may or may not happen on the specified date. As it is though being in double digits means that so far I have survived 180 days of pregnancy, and only have 99 days to go. I'm also close to the 2/3 mark! All while being a full-time student, and sometimes being an over full-time student. Summer term, 6 classes, 10.5 credit hours equals the equivalent of 12 classes and 21 credit hours in a normal semester. Yes I know I'm crazy.....yay for graduating? Super yay though for double digits!