Friday, May 13, 2011

More Change

Life is silly sometimes. Just when you start looking forward to things slowing down and having some semblance of normal more changes come your way. Our newest change? Ryan was called to be the second counselor in a single's ward bishopric! We're mostly excited about this calling, because let's face it single's wards are awesome :) Especially when you're already married and don't have to worry about the dating drama....

My dad has always told us that his favorite callings are nursery leader, and single's ward bishopric member. He says they're basically the same job: you play games, bring treats, and separate the boys from the girls every once in awhile :) Some things we're looking forward to?
-Not having to plan FHE every week
-More babysitter opportunities for Skylar
-More Fun! (C'mon were in one of the Belmont know they'll go boating this summer)
-Earlier church

Some things we're not looking forward to? Mostly just leaving our ward. We LOVE our ward, and we're one of the older couples in the ward....we always feel a sense of unity and belonging when we're there and we're going to be sad when we come back in a year and everything is new.

I'm a little bit apprehensive about the new calling, because the wife of the bishopric member who was just released pulled me aside and told me that she has basically been lonely for a year. I understand that. When I was in a single's ward, I didn't do much to reach out to the wives of the bishopric because they were just at a different stage in life than I was. I'm hoping that Skylar helps me to make new friends, and that the Relief Society in my married ward doesn't forget about me!


Emily said...

So I'm blog stalking (I saw your blog on Anna's), but you're going to love being in a single's ward! Sometimes it was a little lonely, but really not too bad. Overall it was a great year!

Liz said...

Okay "more babysitting opportunities for skylar"?? Taylor use me!! I want to hold/play with a cute baby!!/I still haven't even met the little guy or seen you in so long. I would really love to get together sometime!