Sunday, December 18, 2011

Shameless Self-Promotion

So I recently opened a website to sell some of my crafts. You can view it at . Being that it is Christmastime, and I need help advertising and spreading the word....I'm going to celebrate the grand opening with a FREE GIVEAWAY!

Here's how it will work. I will randomly choose one person to receive $50 worth of merchandise from my site. If you want one entry simply leave a comment below. Those of you who would like to receive 3 additional entries, simply make a post about my website and giveaway on facebook or on your own blog. Make sure to make another comment with a link to your post, otherwise I won't know you did it!

Keep in mind, I can make anything on my site in a different color, size, etc. Let me know if you need a custom order at tayloralockwood (at) gmail (dot) com.Last chance to enter will be December 23 at 11:59 PM.

Ready, set, go!


The Halladays said...

I love giveaways! Pick me :)

Stacy Halladay
Lanceandstacy at gmail dot com

The Halladays said...

I also posted about your giveaway on my FB wall. Thanks!!!

Stacy Halladay
Lanceandstacy at gmail dot com

Tammy said...

Very cute blog and website!! Lots of cute things! I also posted a link to your website on my Facebook page! Hope I win!

Steph & Tony said...

I heard about you from your sister Brittny's facebook post :)

Cute stuff! I'd love to win :)


Abbigail said...

Taylor. You are awesome.

Alyssa Jacobs said...

Because I loove you :)

Serious cuteness on your site!!