Sunday, September 30, 2012

Yearly Update?

Sad but true. I'd like to be better about blogging, and I'm hoping to stop waiting until I have cute pictures to post or an exciting story to tell and just share something. So much has changed since my last updates! Ryan is no longer serving in the singles ward which has been good since it gives us more time to spend as a family and for him to focus on his studies, but honestly we really miss it. We loved getting to know the youth of that ward and all the leaders over there. Thankfully we still get invited to their activities so it hasn't been too much of an adjustment.
We've also moved! We finally are no longer Provo residents. Along with this move came some new additions to the family. No, no buns in the oven for awhile. Sorry grandparents! It will probably still be awhile before you hear an announcement like that from us. Our additions include our own washer and dryer, central heating and air, a covered parking spot, a pool, workout room, extra bathroom, walk-in closet, balcony, and storage unit. We feel like we're living in the height of luxury :) It doesn't take much to please us. We love the location right off of Utah lake and off the freeway which makes for an easier commute for me and right off the bus route for Ryan to get to school.
I'm now working in Human Resources doing payroll and benefits at Bridge Property Management (been there since March)up in Murray. It has been a good job, even if the commute isn't the best. It has made it so Ryan hasn't had to work at all and gets to focus on school and taking care of Skylar. He has 3 more semesters left to finish up his degree in Biology, but we're thinking of having him stay for one semester and a summer term to get a paramedic license.
As for Skylar he has become the busiest little two-year-old ever. He loves to climb and get into every drawer in the house. We love him to pieces which is a good thing because otherwise he might spend the entire day in time out. He loves turning the volume all the way up on the TV, climbing behind the piano, using the kitchen drawers as stairs, jumping off the couch, etc. He spends his days asking for more "nanas" (bananas) "key" (monkey/Curious George) and for Daddy. At his well child visit he weighed 25 lbs and was 35 inches tall putting him in the 30th percentile for weight and 60th percentile for height respectively. For those of you keeping track that is the biggest he has EVER been and made this Mama so proud :) His head of course is still huge and in the 92 percentile. I have no idea how he holds it up...
Well now that you're all caught up hopefully I can focus on updates and shorter posts and pictures and fun things and not be intimidated about blogging....hopefully :)


Alyssa Jacobs said...

Yaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy! Welcome back :)

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I hope you know, this was mostly just for you :)

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